The only boot you'll need this season!!

Designed to be the perfect all rounder, TriZone All Sports Boots are extremely versatile and suitable for a wide range of disciplines.

So lightweight that they actually float on water! 

Tough, durable and easy to use every day.

Suitable for front and hind legs

Handy grip tabs for quick removal

Impact absorbing layer of EVA mesh

Tough and flexible TPU tendon guard

Soft quilted inner liner

EQUILIBRIUM TriZone All Sports Boot - White

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    To fit cannon width Approx height of boot (at the back)


    18 – 20cm (7-8 inches)


    Medium 20 – 22cm (8-8.75 inches) 21cm
    Large 22 – 24cm (8.75 – 9.5 inches) 22.5cm
    XL 24 – 26cm (9.5 – 10.25 inches) 24cm